Make Design Matter Lecture, London
October 2018

Jateen Lad Make Design Matter lecture.
A Shared Ethos: the Golconde dormitory building (left) in Pondicherry designed by the US architect Antonin Raymond between 1935-1942 and Jateen Lad's Sharanam Centre for Rural Development.

Jateen Lad has been invited to deliver the second Make Design Matter lecture on 25th October at 7pm at:

White Collar Factory
1 Old Street Yard
London EC1

Panel guests will be Sunand Prasad (Past President of RIBA), Flora Samuel (Author, Why Architects Matter), Bo Tang (London Metropolitan University) and Hanif Kara (Director + Co-Founder and Director, AKT II Structural Engineers).

Make Design Matter is a series recently launched by Article 24, in partnership with the BRE Trust, focusing on the work of creative design professionals at the forefront of progressive and sustainable architecture across the developing world.

Click here to register for tickets.

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